So frigging annoying, so every random hit nearby, causes screen to shake, throwing crosshair off enemy model.

Other minor questions.

2. How to disable weapon model?

3. How to enable surround sound?

4. How to turn on brightskins? Or anything to differentiate grey models on grey textures.

5. How to not run out of shaft ammo every 2-3 kills, while hitting 55%+? Do I have to camp shaft spawn point?

6. Why rockets fly beneath the rocket launcher?

7. Why direct rocket hit in front on the enemy, kills oneself?

8. How to make chat binds?

9. How to check weapon stats during game? After game? I have to use another website to see how much I have hit, this is dumb.

10. Why is game stuttering / freezing on powerful pc all the time?

11. Why clear hits on enemy model does not count sometimes?

12. Why is it possible to shoot between legs?

13. Why are hit markers so ugly and take lots of space on screen instead, of crosshair glowing itself?