Good Day Folks,

After a very, very, very long time, I should be finishing university next year, and will finally have some time to get back into gaming again, which I'm very much looking forward to!

I haven't looked into ISP's at all in the past seven or eight years, if anyone has any information/advice/experience for/about anything below, that'd be massively, massively appreciated:

Decent/reliable sources for ISP ratings.

I am so out of touch, anything that better explains the various technologies/services currently available. I'm aware of the acronyms for FTTC/FTTP, but that's essentially as far as my knowledge goes: getting gigabit FTTP seems to be the ultimate dream from the little that I've read, but I'd imagine in most scenarios is likely untenable. The more information the better, I work in electronics/hardware, but I have no experience/knowledge/information about networking/ISP's, though am keen to learn as much as possible.

I would be willing to pay good money (60 to 80 GBP if required) for a stable connection/good pings, and honestly the maximum bandwidth I'd require would be to stream 4K content, but anything over and above of that for the future would be great to have. Another thing that would be important is to be able to forward some ports for a couple of older games I hope to play (Forged Alliance Forever uses peer to peer..), and the option to be able to use my own modem/router would be a huge plus.

Anyone's experiences with UK ISP's as of late for ping-stability/packet loss/throttling and consistency/changes during peak time would be most appreciated; I'm up in Edinburgh, if anyone has any recommendations/experience, that'd be awesome to hear!

Hope you're all having a good festive season, and life is treating you well

Cheers :-)