I dont know why but sometimes I have periods were in duel I get stuck, I just don't fucking play well and I see myself running around timing yellow armors trying to get some timings for RA and MH and try to annoy the guy so he doesn't pick them for free, but I just can't flip the fucking match.

rapha is able to play on the shitty part of the map (without RA and MH) for long times and he eventually takes control but it feels like so fucking lucky or something, it's just tiny details that make the difference

I also can't deal with rail aimwhores of ELO 2000+, LG aimwhores are also annoying

My inspirations are cooller and rapha because they dont aimwhore and have brain, but I dont know how the fuck they do it

In my experience, timing more than 2 items at once just fucks your mind up, you cant be at 4 places at the same time anyway

Anyway just some duel observations of lately when trying to play again after ages.