For the last few weeks QC has been unplayable for me.
I kinda made a decision to stop playing today because I was fed up and gstructor mentioned GGPO/FIGHCADE.

So I started playing that, and guess what, I had lags there too.

Smelling a rat I decided to look around, pc is all fine, but my router was lying on the floor, sideways, off its stand, tbh its been like that way for ages as it does not stand naturally due to a short cable.

Anyway I look into the router logs and it says something about operation temp high, so I'm like ahh ok, because I know over heating is a killer for any hardware.

Stand it up as normal and it goes a lot cooler, loaded up champs and first game in ages just happened to run pretty well with none of the grinds I been having.

I don't believe that was a coincidence. I also turned the router back on and off, but just a little reminder to myself and others.

If all else fails, check your router is well ventilated or not fallen down and it won't do you any harm to turn it off, and flush out the DNS via dos either if you want to

ipconfig /flushdns

I'll edit my recent posts complaining of this and link back to this post as I'm now convinced this was the problem.