Finally it's happening!

I'ts been far too long since QL players last could enjoy a drafts cup in CTF, therefor I decided to try to arrange one. Seems we won't start out small as I first intended. We're going full on with 8! teams containing 5 players which makes up for 40 players in total, luckily this doesn't make spots scarce but you never know so if you want to be sure to get in you better sign up NOW! The cup is supposed to be fun for all the players and I really hope people don't take it too seriously. The main objective is to get a couple of games in a semi-competitive environment whilst having a blast. I know a lot of players miss the old CB days no matter what division they played in or even if they didn't partake in the games and just followed from a distance. However: PLEASE you high skilled players who might signup, don't hazzle less skilled players over what you think is bad decisions, call a timeout and have a team debate instead ;)

Now for some rules, I will try to keep them to a minimum, it's not the WC now is it!?!? I get to decide the teams, shouldn't be that hard right? Teams will be divided into 2 brackets, teams in brackets face eachother once in a bo3 game. The two teams winning each bracket move onto the final. Second placing teams get to fight over third place. Games will be played on Omega servers, more info on game day. There is a discord channel up with team sub-channels and all (text AND voice, so contemporary). This one might be obvious by now: Players need Discord... Guess that's all for now.

TIME: almost forgot this, it will start on sunday the 18th of February at 14:00 cet. Be there if you signup or please let me know you can't play well in advance.

Hopefully I'll get someone to stream it.


To report interest go here: