Shacknews has written a long feature article about the Doom Series, mainly about Doom 4 development and Doom Classic in general.

This is a impressive, deeper summary i must say. I see much workhours that went into such a feature, therefore i appreciate it a lot.

These are the topics:
- Marty Stratton's background
- Doom 4 development and Marty Stratton and Hugo Martin citates, also as video clips
- Interview with Speedrunnner Zero-Master
- Doom 1 / Doom 2 Level descriptions (kind of poetic) and John Romero comments to that
- Weapons
- Interview with Brutal Doom mod-maker Sergeant Mark IV
- Final Doom, two fanbased campaignes
- Three Doom Classic mappers (Viggles, Scwiba, Skillsaw) and their newer maps
- Interview with Doomworld admin Andrew "Linguica" Stine
- Hugo Martin about storytelling
- Marty Stratton interview about Doom 4 and the release

Source: shacknews