While I do want to grow my stream, it is very difficult with a game like quake, yet it is the only game people want to watch me play right now. I will stream quake from time to time still, but I do not have any passion for the game or motivation. It's just a dead game with no streaming future in it. Hopefully, maybe Quake Champions could change that. But I am not optimistic.

I want to expand into another game and become good at it, basically I want to grow a stream. I do realise you have to grind the stream over and over until you gain a foundation. I will stream some quake when new year come for you guys.

Even though this is ESR, I ask for each and everyone of you to follow my stream. It would really help me alot and I would appreciate every single one of you for that. Each follower is so important because its all a snowball effect, more followers -> more viewers -> more followers -> more viewers. Paradox.

Follow today: www.twitch.tv/gg_pontus

Thank you, have a great new years and lets walk into 2017 with a new direction.