hi EsportsR- its __IKE (ika) here to HYPE [solicit] the new arena shooter that is coming out on before Christmas :>> running on bleeding edge game engine; (3D accelerated) (real time)--- doing my part for the new QUAKE REVOLUTION; arena shooters [solicitation]

multiplayer is going to cost $1 after

okay so: what is the game? You might ask: the game is in 3D; a new arena shooter where you are *cool guy and there are bad guys? you have to shoot them to win ( i didnt program winning in yet but if you shot them all good job)

POST YOUR SCORES BELOW :>> whoever gets the highest score wins

you have to look for the MICE; there are mice hidden in some of the levels for you to find them

okay so; this part is all SCREENSHOTS of the cool graphics:
i dont have any but this is a videos section

it runs on the IKA ENGINE (sigma engine) written for arena combat: raw mouse input; 10000 fps;; Light-Maps (not avaible in pre-release builds to the MASSES) just trust me;;)) ADVANCED AI (youtube channe;) and also art stolen from zdoom forums [shh! (its in credits.txt)] and with REAL 3D not like doom engine :>> because i am not a LAMER who ripped all of my rendering code out of a pirated tutorial that was in someones college website directories by accident also cool physics

pre-order at http://ika.neocities.org/sigma_engine.html

*just like quake! thank me later

Attaching a PRE-RELEASE build screen-shot [no leaking! ;)] so u guys know im FOR REAL about putting lightmaps in (pre-orders)