The LAN is over. I came 1st in DOOMBRINGER, 2nd in Warsow and Quake live. The real champion of this lan is the host, Neeple.

Other than that we got very drunk on white Russians, cocktails and champagne. Shout out to Gilanguar for downing 5 shots of vodka in one go while sitting in a slav squat. Shout out to Neeple for cleaning up the fucking mess he made afterwards. Shout out to Kristus for coming all the way from Sweden to play with us. Shout out to Qualx for Qualxing.

When I get home I'll upload a bunch of random pics of the madlads. Right now I wanna say that in future we want to have a bigger LAN open to the public with any and all afps games people want to play. We'll have tournaments, casual game modes and general shenanigans. I'm very confident that there are enough afps players in the UK to make such an event viable. So if you're interested in that kinda thing, please let us know.

Make arenafps great again.