So yeah, please don't laugh at me, don't make fun of me, don't troll, this is a serious idea.

Considering the fact that I feel at 98% of my potential, that I feel very comfortable with my settings (monitor, quakelive config, mouse, sensitivity) and that I've been playing regularly from 1h to 3-4 hours a day almost everyday for like more than a month now, I think that I feel ready for a challenge.
What's this challenge you will ask me ?

Pretty simple :
If you think you're good enough to beat me at my beloved map thunderstruck in a Best of 7, let me now, and add me @ steam (or give your steam ident so that I can add you). I've been playing more 2v2 CA than 1v1 lately but I still feel good at 1v1.

Wouldn't be LG only, obviously it would be all weapons.

It can be anyone, from any 4v4 CA hero (like ranked in the top 30 @ to well known quake pros...

What came first to my mind are obviously ItalyHal, ItalyJigglypuff, SwedenSpart1e, Germanyk1llsen, NetherlandsSilencep, Belarusclawz, GermanyTodesknecht, BulgariaT1HOL, NetherlandsGOHAN, CroatiaMakie, DenmarkV1um, RussiaLatrommi or maybe (I say maybe because I'm pretty sure that they cba doing something like that) Netherlandsdrejk, Russiabase, even Russiaevil or Francewinz would be awesome (Yes I know, only in my dreams :P).

Can be anyone really, as long as you think you can beat me, then let's do it!

Also it would be AMAZING if this Best of 7 could be streamed (for fun obviously), maybe the ZLive (ZootLive) team could arrange that for example in a sunday or saturday ?

This would be just for fun and I'm pretty sure a lot of people want to see myself getting humiliated :P.

If you win this BO7, you get the reward "Thunderstruck 1v1 King" :D