Good evening fellow quakers!

I would like to introduce a plugin that allows two players to reserve a duel server to play a set of a certain amount of games with each other.

I imagine with QuakeCon around the corner, a lot of pros might want to play some sets with each other to practice the QC mappool. It is always annoying and frustrating when players (noobs, trolls, ...) line up in the queue and refuse to spec or hop servers. This plugin will put anyone trying to disturb a set back into spectator position, so the original players can continue their set. It is not only meant for pros, of course, but could also be useful If you want to play some games with a friend without being disrupted and having to look for new servers.

When someone connects to the server where a set is going on, they will be automatically notified of this, so they know they don't have to wait on the current game. (Previously, specs would get mad if they waited 5+ minutes, only to find out the in-game players are playing a set and didn't see them join or bothered to warn them)

Once a set is reserved, players can optionally plan maps, so the plugin can automatically vote to go there, or remind players of their picks. (In a future version, the plugin will make the next map the only votable one during the end-screen.)

The plugin is currently in beta stage, so any comments, suggestions would be very much appreciated. The plugin can currently be found on the QL STOCKHOLM DUEL servers.

The plugin can be found on my github page: here. Simply "wget" the raw into the minqlx-plugins folder and load it up. The default maximum of set reserving is 7 games. Alter "qlx_sets_maximum" to change this.

!v_sets - Displays the plugin version
!setcmds - Displays the available commands
!set or !setstatus - Displays the status of a set
!set X or !reserve X - Reserve X games to be played by the two players currently in game. Since I didn't want to be bothered by even sets (no winners), the plugin only allows odd numbers, with a maximum, customizable by the server
!setmaps - Displays the maps played&planned for the set
!setmaps cure hektik elder dm6 t7 - Sets the given maps for the set. (Duplicates and shorted/q3 names like dm6 and t7 are allowed and will work)
!lastset - Displays the results of the last set played on the server
!nextmap or !setnext - Votes to go to the next planned map if there is one
!forfeit - Forfeits a set (meaning a loss for each of the unplayed reserved games)
!suggest Maybe change the blue color to yellow so it's more visible - Sends a suggestion to my server. (Limited to 10 suggestions per steam ID)
!complain The plugin picked the wrong map! - Sends a complaint to my server (also limited to 10 / steam ID)

I really hope you guys can share your incredibly smart ideas and suggestions on this and help me to improve it, so that every server would want to install it :-)

I owe you one, girl

Plugin todo list / ideas for future releases
- Modify the mappool to only show the next map during the end-screen in a set
- Add in a timer for players to reconnect and continue the set before they are assumed to forfeit the set (in case of game crash / ddos).
- Make sets transferable across servers

Edit: added installation instructions so more servers can install it