What is a fixture
A fixture is a post where you can use your virtual money called E$ to place a bet. If you have placed a bet on an option which becomes the winner of the bet you will be rewarded with E$.
This function is only available for registered users, if you don't have your own personal account yet you can create one on the register page.
If you are logged in you can go to your profile to see how much E$ you got available.


Your profile showing information about your E$ and previous betting behaviour

Now and then Esreality has a betting competition where users can win prices by getting in the top 10 of the ranking list, if a new betting competition starts your current E$ will be added to your E$ Savings and you will start again with 500 E$ so that all users have fair chances to win the competition.

How can I place a bet?
The first thing you do when you want to place a bet is go to the fixture listing, you can filter all closed fixtures from this list and sort on post and closing date. Click on the name of fixture to see the full details, on this page you see the different options you can place your bet on and the ammount of E$ you have available.


An example of a fixture with no bets placed yet

To place a bet select the option you would like to place your bet on and then fill in the ammount of E$ you would like to bed in the input field and click on the 'Bet' button.


An example of a fixture with bets placed yet

The results
After the fixture is ended an admin will set the results and payout the bet, you will automatically receive an iMsg with the results of the bet and your profile will be updated.
At your profile you will find the view list link which gives you an overview of all your current and previous placed bets with the results.


An overview of all current and previous placed bets with results