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Can homosexuals be trusted? Let's look at the facts.

Homosexuality itself is often explained through pheromones. If sexuality is determined solely by pheromones, why is it some homosexuals act feminine or masculine, in opposition to their gender? Isn't it true masculinity and femininity are determined almost entirely through estrogen and testosterone? If so, it means the butch lesbian and the fairy gay are behaving ungenderly for potentially the wrong reasons.

When you think about it, if gays are gay, why would they be attracted to a woman with no tits and a dick? Maybe because it is just a pheromone thing. Do the fairy gays have to deliberately act feminine? Do they have different levels of estrogen and testosterone? How genuine is their behavior, and could a heterosexual male act equally feminine? If there was no group pressure to act genderly, would more heterosexuals behave ungenderly?

My personal opinion is that all homosexuals should be burned to death, and when new homosexuals are formed, they should be aborted. I have this opinion because i'm pro-life. In the mean-time, I have to continue questioning the behavior of homosexuals (aside from the homosexuality, which I personally have no actual problem with).