it's been awhile past my last journal entery and today i finaly have story for you. Let's see how to start.

Well, everything was started from this game.<> some badword player was abit raped and start crying alot and went to admins to tell them a cool storyes abut hacker which comes to play tdmpickup and manage to win such a famous grandmaster player as fragmaster. Well this badword kid was asking for demos with my pov, i mean i dont really care but fuck you i should not gives you anything. But you know, i am a nice guy and i go for compromise i give him a video from the game he asked and i was sure he should appreciate that, but he is not...

Then the other admin contact to me and asked for my old nickname. Seriously, aren't you think its very annoying when everyone asking your demos and names?. i dont know you and you dont know me. its so fucking fair. I mean, you have my steam profile and not even hiden. You can chek whatever you like, just fuck off from me. But ok, i am a nice guy, i tell him my nick name and he also asked for demo so i give him the video. The admin says quote: "many thanks have a nice evening" and its doesn't looks like he needs exactly the demo and not the video. I guess you can agree. But no, how i find out later i was wrong. He was need demo but not video and i was locked for 60 weeks.

i starded to looking for answers. You know, the guy who just ragequit from the game was locked only for 48h but i did nothing wrong and was locked for 60weeks. Looks like a big mistake. So i contact to the other admin. Well it was long conversating and should consider pretty useless conversation.
Its started from that the admin asked me about my old nickname, but add that quote: "not that i care whom u were or indeed are". Well, thats weird when you dont care but anyway asking. So i tryed to find out why he like to know my old nick if he dont care and i find. He need my old nick to change my rating. Well thats have a sense, i mean maybe, well actualy not. Its completely devoid of common sense. Look, i was inactive for 2 years i also changed mouse and mousepad and fix the problem with cpu cooling. Yeah i mean many times and changes gone. So giving to me the old rating is abit stupid. But anyway i dont care and i said to the admin that he can give me any rating he likes. But no, admin keep asking me for nickname, i mean i already told him nickname but he dont like it and he needs something else. So i asking him which nickname he needs. Tell me and i tell you, thats simple. But no he keep asking me for nickname. its like a game Call the numbers that I has thought.

So yeah it was unbelievably useless conversation. He was keep asking but i dont know which answer he needs. He even said i am using vpn and its not allowed. Well at first i am not sure that vpn is not allowed, but even if not and not using vpn anyway. Well, i got banned from tdmpickup channel and also from capickp for some reason.

Yeah, you are right dear reader, it's fucking hilarious. Gohan who attempt to scam team that brings him to play is a nice guy and allowed to play anywhere, well yeah, exept hoq league. But i am not allowed to play on #tdmpickup and even for some reason #capickup which i dont really likes to play.
Its start like always, you just come to play some games but if you any good player other players goes crazy and start calling you a cheater, insulting you, then admins locks you and start threaten and blackmail you. And you became mad and then admins tells you calm down calm down. Srsly, don't fucking touch me and will be calmed as fuck.

Well, i like to write more and more but mayeb later.
add some screenshots