I think it's maybe too early for me to definitely say I should buy one of these before someone reviews it, but I have en ec1-a and I'm not sure I want to upgrade it so soon after I got this one. I also don't like the look of the red logo, but could switch the shells if need be I guess, it just seems a little wasteful.

So I'm thinking, if I just got an old model EC mouse second user and some omron switches, I could maybe come up with my own upgrade this way.

So I'm wondering if anyone knows about the mouse wheel from previous generations of EC mice and if it would be worth grabbing one to pop the wheel in my ec1-a. Also, is there maybe some stats showing how much omrons help with these mice?

If it can be a decent improvement, I'll put the time and effort into learning how to do it and have a go at it before buying a new one depending on what the reviews for the refresh will show.

TIA :)