Reflex turns 1 this week after going live on Steam Early Access November 4th of last year. To celebrate, the team has released the 0.37.3 update which adds a bunch of birthday party themed items, maps, and knick knacks. But if you're trying to play hard and go pro, they have conveniently given you the option to turn off the birthday effects with cl_events 0. The update also features some movement tweaks and general game improvements. Check out the change log below.

The birthday stream will be going on most of the day over at twitch The events planned for the day are CTF show matches, 1v1 show matches, developer interview with the whole Turbo Pixel team, new "Royal Rumble" mode showcase, King of the Hill tourney, and ending the day with some Live Mapping with Denmark promEUs. Check out the image below for event times.

Links: Reflex Forums Update Post, twitch ArenaFPS