With the release of Doom IV just around the corner, countless speculations and closed beta access, PCPower play magazine decided to interview id id Software executive producer Marty Stratton. Stratton's name is a staple in the gaming communtiy, prior to working with id software, he was involved with Activision around the time when Time Commando was released. This interview sheds some light on id software's upcoming title which needs no introduction, the return of the granddaddy of First-person Shooters, Doom.

The fourth installation, titled simply "Doom" will be published by Bethesda Softworks, renown for their Elder Scrolls series, revitalizing the Fallout franchise and most of the later id software releases, from Doom 3 all the way to Rage and Wolfenstein: New Order. Take a peak behind the curtains and see what's stock for the new installation of Doom.

A few snippets:

PCPP: We played the multiplayer yesterday, a few rounds in the course of an hour. For me it felt a lot like Quake.

Marty Stratton: I’ve heard that.

PCPP: Is that by design?

Marty Stratton: We went into this saying, Doom is fast. Movement is the most important thing in the game. Movement and guns, certainly from a multiplayer perspective, and then I’ve said demons is another key ingredient, and we’ve brought that into the multiplayer, as well. So it was this meshing of principles, I guess, as much as anything that really happened to work well over the course of single-player and multiplayer.


PCPP: Just to clarify, there is regenerative health?

Marty Stratton: No regenerative health.

Doom will be available Spring 2016 on XBOX ONE, PS4 and PC. Full interview can be read on PC PowerPlay official website. Don't forget, you are the demons.

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