Along with QC configs being released(thx SyncError) it would be informative to make the list of mouse and possibly dpi players were using there aswell. So if you can sort that out by the photos from quakecon or have "insider" information/been at quakecon urself pls share this info with us.
So far i can only comeup with the most obvious ones:
Winz-Logitech G100S-1000dpi with G303 sensor inside(unconfirmed)
L1nkin-Logitech G100S-1000dpi
Noctis-Logitech G100S-1000dpi
Rapha-WMO 1.1-400dpi
Tox-WMO 1.1-400dpi
421-Logitech G100S-1000dpi
Zyrinx-Logitech G100S
Dahang-Zowie FK
Cypher-Razer Salmosa-800dpi(unconfirmed)
Clawz-Zowie FK/WMO 1,1(unconfirmed)
Latrommi-Logitech G400-800dpi
Psygib-Logitech G100S-1000dpi
Cooller-Zowie EC2 Evo CL
Spart1e-Zowie EC2 Blue-2000dpi

Anyone to add?