I present to you an announcement from Severed Legion, a South American team that has been put together to get themselves to QuakeCon 2015 to compete in the TriMasters tournament!

Colombia |CrazY| Argentina c0D47 Chile Etjx Argentina Doomsd4y

Here is a message from Doomsd4y:

“For over a decade the best Quake players of Latin America have been waiting for this moment.
The time to come to light, to show the world how ruthless we can be.
With a team conformed by Colombians, Chileans and Argentinians, four of the best players of the region will go to Dallas this 2k15 to prove themselves as a team named SEVERED LEGION and make a twist in the history of Quake.

The Argentinian Champions:
Argentina Doomsd4y and Argentina c0D47.
The Chilean Legend, the most skilled player in Chile:
Chile Etjx
The Nº1 in his Nation… by far…
Colombia |CrazY| the Colombian Beast!

We are attending QCon this year, finally as a solid team, training each day for several hours to kick hard the Tri-Masters Tournament. We’re going to be streaming our training a lot, as well as a CTF league in the upcoming weeks.
The only thing we need to make this happen is to reach the donation limit of 800€ for the whole team…. YES, YOU READ IT RIGHT, 800€ for the whole team.

And of course, good luck to all the players attending to Dallas this year!”

To donate to the team just go to this link here

So far three of the members have their trip to QCon paid for, the 800 euros is to assist the last member in getting there. Best of luck to Severed Legion! We hope to see you there!