ROCCAT Studios, the Hamburg-based manufacturer of competition gaming peripherals, today announces that Team 102 headed by famous Russian Quaker Anton "CoolleR" Singov will participate in the 20th anniversary QuakeCon under the tag of Team ROCCAT.102. Team 102 announced recently that those interested in supporting them on their road to QuakeCon 2015 could do so through the crowd-funding resourced Indiegogo.

"The Russian ROCCAT team picked up on this straight away" - says Rene Korte, founder and CEO of ROCCAT, - "and without even a second thought we decided to support CoolleR and his team at QuakeCon 2015 in Dallas. CoolleR is a legendary gamer well known internationally, and we’re delighted to follow the performances of Team ROCCAT.102 at this renowned event. It’s great to see such a gaming institution continue to host such top level Quake action."

The partnership will not be limited to just a tag; most of the players on the team will also play with ROCCAT devices that they’ve picked themselves. Donators who supported the team on Indiegogo will still all receive their perks

Team ROCCAT.102 QuakeCon lineup:
Russia Anton "CoolleR" Singov
Russia Alexander "Latrommi" Dolgov
Russia Michael "421" Lozhkin
Russia Pavel "Pavel" Fomkin
Links: Press release,,,, facebook/roccat