American Duel League is an in-development competitive platform for North American Quake players. It was started from the desire to build a league capable of providing sponsorship and compensation for all players involved. To reach that goal, however, will require spectatorship and participation.

In an attempt to determine whether such requirements can be met, and to test site and format functionality during development, ADL is holding a test season for North American players. Players of any skill level are invited to apply, but only the 5 players with the highest peak Elo for each region will be selected. Players will specify the server to which they receive the lowest ping, select a home map, and play each other player from their region twice, once on each player's home map. Regional standings are determined by wins/losses.

A selection of games will be streamed each night of play, and demos & screenshots will be provided by all players for each match. If initial response is positive, and player numbers are decent, prizes will definitely be considered.

Sign-ups are open immediately, and will close Sunday, the 24th of January. Games will begin February 2nd. Please visit the ADL registration page to submit your registration.

Update: ADL registration submission is now live on the ADL site. Please use this link to submit your registration.

The registration response so far is very promising. Remember to share this information with anybody you know who will be interested.

Links: ADL Official Web Site - ADL BitBucket Issue Tracker