mice i bought this year:

logitech g302
logitech g402
logitech g400
logitech g100s
zowie fk1
zowie ec2 evo
zowie ec2 evo cl
steelseries rival
steelseries kinzu v3
steelseries kinzu v2 pro
steelseries kana v2
steelseries kana v1
microsoft wmo (ebay maybe counterfeit?)
microsoft ie 3.0 (ebay maybe counterfeit?)
cm storm spawn
cm storm recon
mionix avior 7000
mionix naos 7000
razer deathadder chroma
abyssus 2014
corsair m40
ninox aurora (preorder still hasn't arrived and bst disappeared again lol)
roccat kone pure military

may be some more i'm missing will edit if i remember any~

currently using the g302... shape is gross tbh but i'm good with it and feels better than g100s and malfunctions less (weird cause same sensor) *_* maybe its the 1000hz?

i had hopes for the aurora but the mouse1/mouse2 issues, mwheel, and the hugeass cable makes me wanna throw it away when i receive it or give it away to someone who has nothing lol.

i ordered a kinzu v2 non pro edition because i saw that someone bought one and it came with a different lens so i'm hoping it wont malfunction like the v2 pro but it's probably just me throwing away more money :D i didn't list it because it will be coming to me in january ^^

i'm hoping mionix castor will have a good sensor and be 80g~ although the quality of my naos & avior feel kinda meh.. and i really wanted to try out the finalmouse 2015 because on paper it would be my dream mouse but after someone said the bottom of the mouse catches on the mousepad & the mouse1/mouse2 actuation is different i'm not going to throw away $67 to an unknown company.

anyone wanna get together and fund a new mouse bst style and not fail miserably hit me up ;)