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Dfruns-xajA pre-DFWC cup organized by defrag.ru was held early November. However, it was a very interesting DeFRaG competiton on a total of 5 maps, all made by Russia [fps]zapadlo. Here are the winning demos of this competition compiled into a movie produced by Shaolin Productions by moviemaker Czech Republic th0ca. The movie features some of the best players in the DeFRaG community, in both CPM and VQ3 physics. VQ3 winning times performed by: Ukraine Strangeland, Poland yotoon!, Russia kiccel, Hungary KeT and China xas, also in CPM with completely no-chance-given: United States of America nebuLa.

Everything made in high quality resolution 1080p and 30fps, with an energic soundtrack in a drum and bass rhythm. Hope you'll enjoy this video. For further information about upcoming projects check out our YouTube channel or irc #shaolinproductions @ Quakenet.

After rendering the movie I did find out some vq3 players used different models in their demos in comparison to what I used in the movie. I do apologize for the lack of continuity.

I'm planning to make a movie based on the Aerodynamics series, so if anybody has any skilled CPM freestyle demos or freestyle runs on DM maps, I'll be more than happy to receive any ideas on our IRC channel #shaolinproductions @ Quakenet.