Main question is, what are the cheats out there, that are known? post them, NO links or specific names please, just what they do.

EDIT1: probably best to start at Comment #39 onwards, after the trolls.

Why post them?

I hear this a load about cheaters, yes or no, some true claims some false. Many lesser skilled starter noob's (not their fault not to know yet) just think that someone who hits a direct rocket is a cheat. But does not understanding the 100 dmg it delivers directly.

Some even think fov, or increasing sound levels is a cheat. So there are different terms for cheating. But overall hacking of anything other than "non-standard game tweaks", is not good.

How to overcome this?

ID has done a good thing.
"Intentionally or not", the introduction of timers to items, and the dmg plums, are actually eliminating the power of the cheaters, or making it harder for them. So good job tbh ID.

I touched on this on another thread, but with ID not able to stop modernisation of the hacking / cheating community, so why not eliminate it by adding some of them as feature of some sort.

Prevention is better than cure.
Punkbuster does obviously not work properly enough. So what are the cheats?

The more we know about what cheats to look out for the better the game can actually be. And be more cheat proof. Only the Aimbot stuff will be hardest to look out for, but then ID have that capability to eradicate most.

With the

Wallhack for e.g.

"If you can't beat them, join them!" In this case, if you can't eliminate them, integrate it so that everyone is on an even keel. result :)

feedback welcome