Well, I am kind of drunk, and reading all these "QL 2.0 UPDATE LEAKS" just made me angry. People saying all this shit about Steam putting pressure on id to make money and stuff, well if they want the game to be more noob friendly its fine, but don't make us pay for the same game we've been playing for free last years...
If they really want to go "Steam-way to success" why not make it one Casual and one Competitive mode. Both free like in CSGO.
And eventually make people pay for maps or some other pointless shit.
If we need to pay for the game in order to get the same fucking shit we had last years. Even though i was a premium user for 3 years and i dont think it was expensive whatsoever, I payed for the ability to spawn server, premium maps and all that shit, not being able to play the normal/proper quake.

Thank you, Good bye.