QLRanks.com Display with Team Extensions
"ecsplos1v" aka "ecs" improved the "QLRanks.com" script with his Team Extensions:
/qlrdDisplayGamesCompleted: shows the number of matches of the current game type that each player on the server has completed (=noob-check)
/qlrdShuffle: suggests the best possible teams based on their QLRanks.com score (only works with an even number of players on the server)
/qlrdShufflePerform: if you have op, it moves the players into teams as suggested by /qlrdShuffle
/elo: an easy to remember command as an alternative to the above aliases. Type "/elo help" to see a list of sub-commands

This new script adds a "Links" menu in QL with links to various QL related community sites.

Start Page
After loading QL this script sends you directly to your preferred start page. You can set the start page through "Userscripts / Set as Start Page" or by setting the cvar "web_home" directly

Auto-Open Chat
After loading QL this script expands your chat bar.

Internal changes
The biggest changes in 1.2 are "under-the-hood" and improve the auto-updating of userscripts.
I tried not to break anything for older installations, but in case you run into problems, please download the latest version from https://sourceforge.net/projects/extraql/files/

"wn" is currently working on a new version of his famous "New Alt Browser" script, so stay tuned for further updates.

If you have problems, question or suggestions around userscripts, vist us on quakenet IRC channel #qlhm.

Version 1.3 of hook.js contains a bug fix for opening the "Account Settings" page.
Version 1.3 of extraQL.exe fixes issues with the script auto-update system.
Going forward I expect fewer changes to these "system" files, which require manual updates.