currently zoot is testing some casters to support him with zlive, what are your thoughts?

afaik starting today with Enjoyka (?)

clear and sharp voice, very clear and easy to understand. thats actually something i dislike about zoot and ins - sometimes they sound muffled, enjoyka on the other hand sounds crystalclear, quite the plus. i really like the chemistry of having a male+female voice as casters so thats good too. she seems quite experience with casting and quake in general as i never had the feeling she was overwhelmed by what happened or lost the overview about whats happening next or what to do.
what i didnt like: she talks a bit too much for my taste and you can really feel her beeing nervous (i guess both are related tho). i can tell that shes good at english but not so used to actually speak it; her accent is rather distinct and her way of speaking sometimes to monotonous. the basics are definitively strong tho and she may improve fast with practice. she would also need to fasten up what she says when the action requires it (at times shes to slow and misses the action, thats not only a problem of the foreign language but also the result of her constantly talking and than not having enough time to throw in some action with her voice).

overall i like her casting, needed improvement with variety in speed/loudness/emotions but lots of potential i guess.