Prior to wision's post regarding the cancellation of Prague LAN #2, a sad news for every quake lover, me and Belgium !nFerNo want to present two valid alternatives for helding a TDM LAN event.

OPTION #1 'The Storm' LAN party

The event is taking place on 10-12 October in Sint-Niklaas (Belgium) in an awesome repurposed warehouse, with 200 available spots. !nFerNo is part of the organizers and he confirmed that a QL event will be hosted during the LAN, and this could turn into our TDM LAN.

!nFerNo is also in charge of the streaming part of the event, so there are big chances to hook up Zoot with proper streaming setup. He also wants the community to choose what kind of tournament should be held: TDM or CTF?.

OPTION #2 Bucharest 'Cheap beer and herbs' TDM LAN

The event will take place on 19-21 September in Bucharest (Romania) at Discovery Arena gaming cafe where we successfully held 3 quake live 'lans' so far. Here are some photos I saved from their facebook page, the cafe has 32 PCs and 2 places for recreational purposes. I can talk to the owner and setup a streaming corner for Zoot.

I will edit this post and fill in the necessary informations, but we need feedback on these 2 options and maybe confirmations from teams who are planning to attend. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments or #lan-prague @ Quakenet.

Please use the poll in order to vote for the preferred option!

Links: Storm LAN party website, Discovery Arena website, mIRC#lan-prague