I know I probably can't fix it but I just had to type something about it.

I've been playing QL for some time now with a certain feel. I play CA for all the haters...Basically I got used to enemy models moving in a certain "speed" and got used to strafing and have a feel for the movement and then compensate the aim offset with the mouse... etc.... my rockets were always lagged or at least I used to believe that. Whenever I shot my rocks it felt like it had some sort of graphical delay although I pinged pretty good.

ANYWAYS, since the standalone ... enemy models moving super fast compared to what it felt to me before... My rockets come out almost insta.. Basically now I can point and aim and it almost literally lands on the model, before I had to predict a lot or just "guess". And my mouse feels like it got accel on it. I don't use accel at all.

So I'll whine and just say it straight up... Because the game is so freaking fast now it's so freaking hard to hit anything without really trying your ass off, I can't even lock lg anymore because enemy models move so fast. I can also gain speed very easily, before I could'nt do that. and rocket jump very easily too...

I suppose my question is this.... Is quake supposed to be this fast and I've just had some slow ass "version" of quake all along, some kind of lagged out version, or what I have now is some kind of bugged ass quake.

Do your rockets come out really fast also? My quake right now feels like a mess of shit lol... Rockets flying all over the place out of no where, I never had such model response from getting hit before... I literally fly all over the place when I get hit by rockets.