Scheduled: 08:00 CST, 8 December 2013 to 13:00 CST, 8 December 2013
Schedule: Passed

Last week we did not see a FACEIT Sunday Cup, but we got action live from Jonkoping from DreamHack, and we saw Belarus Cypher take a great victory over United States of America rapha in the grand final. Will he continue his form?

This Sunday at 09:00 CDT, the FACEIT Fall Season Sunday Cup #8 will take place. The FACEIT Fall Season will be played each Sunday for the coming month, where 128 players can join and play for $125, as well as points to qualify them for the Finale.

Commentary this week will be provided by our host, United Kingdom Daniel "ddk" Kapadia, joined by guests over distance. The stream will go live on FACEIT TV at 09:30 CDT.

Stream: United Kingdom FACEIT TV
Links: Bracket, Fall Season Overview, mIRC #FACEIT, Facebook FACEITCommunity, Twitter @FACEIT, YouTube FACEITcom
Notable Signups: Russia Cooller, Belarus Cypher, Spain Sl1p, Denmark Sothis, Ukraine Bpatela, Sweden Spart1e, United Kingdom Garpy, Portugal Insan3, Belgium Dem0n, Germany Reload, Russia Pavel, Russia Ash, Russia k1llmaster, Belgium Impulse, Germany Twister