This is a Single Player Experience for the Quake 3 engine which does not have any MP or bot support! There is no need for any special MOD, you just need a patched (1.32b) version of Q3.

The map is designed for people that like to explore maps, solve puzzles and enjoy some nice eye candy. If you get stuck or wants some hints please check my website for further details.

if you have the chance to record any demo's please let me know because I would love to see how you played the map.

Website - Zip File (49Mb)

Instructions for loading / playing the map

This map is designed for Quake 3 Arena 1.32 and IOQuake 3 and does not require any special MOD in order to play correctly. I would highly recommend that you turn off various elements of the default HUD so that the playing experience is as immersive as possible and follow the loading instructions below:

Place moteof_final2.pk3 in your /Quake III Arena/baseq3/ folder
Start quake3 Arena icon on desktop
Hit ` key usually next to the number one key, left hand side and type:

/g_gametype 2 - This mode will get rid of the awaiting player message
/cg_drawgun 0 - Stops drawing any player weapon on the screen
/cg_drawstatus 0 - Removes the ammo, health and armor status
/cg_drawfps 0 - Turns off the fps counter in the top right corner
/timelimit 0 - Stops the map ending if an existing timelimit has been set
/fraglimit 0 - Turns of the fraglimit on the bottom right side of the screen

/map moteof_final loads the map, can be done via ffa/tourney menu as well
Hit ` key will close the console if still open

If the map fails to load with the follow error message ERROR: Hunk_Alloc failed then you need to change the memory amount using the following console command: '/com_hunkmegs 96'. After typing the command, restart the game and load the map again.

If you feel the lighting of the map is too dark, you should change the screen gamma to a brighter value. Please note that the gamma console command only affects the display if the game is full screen. (the game fills up all of the screen, no window border)

The console command to adjust gamma is '/r_gamma 1.0' (default value)
A good starting point for something lighter is 1.3 and a lot brigher would be 1.5.

The design

This is a single player experience ONLY and there are no plans for adding bots or multiplayer support to this map. The environment is designed with countless visual clues of what to do next and will require the player(YOU) to look up to find them! There is no time limit pressure and the level can be played at any pace.

The environmental detail comes with a price and that is extremely high poly counts in most areas of the map. The average poly count for the map is between 20k-30k and will require a modern day PC in order to reduce any FPS problems.

The main puzzles are made up of two state objects (on or off) which are linked together to create more interesting problems. All of the puzzles are setup with custom sounds and visual effects so that it should be easier to see and hear what is going on.

The solution for every puzzle is always linked to something that is blocking your path, this could be a door, a floor opening or a new route forward. Two of the puzzles are randomly setup each time you load or re-start the map, so if you play the map several times it should be a slightly different experience everytime.

The Story

Far across the Dead Sea, beyond the shores of white sand are The Dragon's Teeth--heartless mountains consumed by cold howling winds and separated by valleys of icy fog. Nestled deep within is a small rocky pinnacle upon which rests the palace of The Guardian, the architect of the Vault of Knowledge.

For centuries people have visited the Guardian hoping for blessings and the chance to take the Trial of Knowledge but few have been granted the wish. After many wars and natural disasters the location of The Guardian eventually slipped from people's memories and was lost forever from maps. Only legends remain telling of the trial and the strange machines that seem to crackle with the power of the skies.

For years you have dreamt of finding the Vault and gaining the treasure of the ancients but the mountain paths have just led you round in circles. One day, while searching the northwest mountain peaks, you discovered a hidden trail marked with small piles of stones covered in unusual symbols. Something looks familiar and you suspect you have seen these symbols before in ancient books, but your memory is fading and you are not sure anymore.

After days of walking past countless marker stones, the trail eventually descended from the higher peaks towards a misty valley. Far off in the distance you could see a small hill with what seemed to be a manmade structure on the top but you will need to get closer to find out.

The trail leads down into a dense forest shrouded in a thick miasma that chills you to the bone. The boughs creak and groan but there is no wind, just the fog blocking out the light above. Several days pass and eventually the winding trail leads upwards again, out of the mist. You stand before a small ornate building with glass on all sides.

You enter the main door...

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