Scheduled: 13:30 CST, 1 December 2013 to 15:00 CST, 1 December 2013
Schedule: Passed

The 17th season of the European Quake League that is about to end has gone under the radar in terms of ESReality coverage. However, it is time for everyone to open up a time slot this upcoming Sunday evening 1st of December at 14:30 CDT as Sweden Suddendeath will face off against Finland The Viper Squad in the grand final of EQL17 division 1.

This season the division 1 consisted of five premier QuakeWorld teams which faced each other twice in the ground stage. Four of those advanced to a playoff starting from the semifinal and in those games we saw The Viper Squad prove to be too much of a powerhouse for The Norse to overtake, and Suddendeath defeating Firing Malfunction in a straight 3-0 series.

The upcoming grand final will also be a best of five maps series on the classic maps DM2, DM3 and E1M2. For those of you who for some reason won't tune in via QTV there will also be a stream with commentary present to enjoy.

Vods: Suddendeath TV EQL Final Vods
Stream: Suddendeath TV
Links: EQL17 Final promotional media, European Quake League website