Transparent rocket explosion , lg sparks and plasma projectiles + better looking red/yellow !

I downloaded a ql mappack which caused me some problems on toxicity (light shining through roof was a black wall) , after seeing that some of you liked the new look on the exp/boxse/red I tried to figure out if I could get it without the black light bars.

Only thing you need to do is to put dfwc2008-5.pk3 into the maps folder.

DL for file http://www.file-upload.net/download-8023890/dfwc2008-5.pk3.html

if this link doesn't work for you here's the link to the mappack which also has this file (YOU ONLY NEED dfwc2008-5.pk3 , some other files cause black bars on toxicity)


also link to my current config if someones interested


EDIT: NVM DOESN'T WORK ON ONLINE SEVERS, still would like to have an option for red/yellows like this :d