I've been dabbling a bit with my playstyle, in terms of watching demos, listening to streams of myself playing, and one thing that I keep getting back to is my predictability when in control.

On many maps, particularly T7 and Toxicity, I apparently have a specific routine when in control. Take T7 for example, imagine the situation:

1: I frag my opponent in MH room lower and t1e up the score to 2-2, say, 8 minutes in - My stack is around 100/50.
2: RA is up in 5, maybe 6 seconds. Mega is up and so I rush through teleport, jump the gap all the way to LG.
3: RA is up in 1, maybe 2 seconds but, without doubting myself a second, I rocket jump off doorway and doublejump and end up in RA room and I get plasma-smashed by the opponent who waited patiently, thinking I wouldn't dare attack if I didn't go to RA after the kill.
4: Score is 2-3 and keeps rising for my opponent as I get frustrated that my brainless rush didn't work, and then proceed to try and repeat it. By the time I get maybe one frag, the timer runs out and I lost the match.

This sort of scenario, and many others alike, happen to me so often I can't even imagine doing it any other way around, provided step 1 preceeds if we're talking T7.
I've tried my hardest to stop myself in doing this in many practice matches, and sure I've succeeded some times, but when it counts (such as when playing in faceit or 125fps) I continue to fail my way to a loss such as that.

Of course many other factors weigh in at many times. Among them are, of course, my opponent generally being better than me aimwise, or perhaps he times to the second - which is something I rarely ever do unless I'm having it way too easy in a match.

One of the main things I've been criticized for(to put it mildly), has been my brainless rushing that gains me the win in many occasions as it isn't predictable for many players, but the above is the lesser known fact for some of these critics.

So basically, aside from the obvious part of practicing over and over, any idea what can aid me in the course of getting rid of routine-based play-style?