So I'm getting my own place next month and won't have space for a huge desk/pc setup. I will need the money for a decent laptop and things for the house.

How much is my PC worth?

i7 2600k @ ~177 (found used price online)
mobo + 8gb ram (guessing around 70)
gtx 560ti @ 70?
case (corsair 600T) @ 100 (130 new)
500gb @ 30

So around 400ish? Does that sound right?

I will also need to sell 2 x 2233rz + stand 50 for stand (was 100 new).

I have a 128gb ssd but will save that for the laptop, and they're only 50 now-a-days.

It's all pretty much mint condition, all probably less than a year old.


Samsung 2233rz for sale here:

if anyone wants it, drop me a message we'll do it without ebay.