Video presentation of our new Quake Live TDM Map: Arcane Citadel.

The idea behind this map was to create something like a mixture of Purgatory and Grim Dungeons, where teamplay and positioning matters, while still beeing fun to play in pickup's and occasional play. Quite unique is that it has no Rail Gun and only one Rocket Launcher, but therefore two Shotgun's, Plasma's and as well two Grenade Launchers. So you better stop checking your accuracy and start spamming! :D

As we did for Limbus, we created a new music track for Arcane Citadel. But because everyone tends to use s_musicVolume 0, we decided to do a "musicvideo" with a simple walkthrough so that the music could get more airtime. You can check it out below as well.

Many thanks as always to United Kingdom akm, and if you want it or not Serbia ZeroQL for creating the presentation video :D