List some of your favorites. (Any 1v1 FPS game)

(....and I might as well try to make a "head-to-head score comparison" thread based on your suggestions.)


Thnx everyone!

Working on:

Cooller v Toxjq (Q3/Q4)
Cooller v Cypher (Q3/QL)
Cypher v rapha (Q3/QL)
DaHanG v rapha (QL)
ZeRo4 v Fatal1ty (Q3)
Vo0 v Fatal1ty (PK)
Vo0 v rat (CPM)
Lauke v GitzZz (UT99/UT2k3/UT2k4)
rikoll v Milton (QW)
ScrMz v GoHLinK (UT2k4)

Special thanks to quakephil, UT2004Community for providing additional lists.

for the ones that haven't made the list, check them out at the comments section.