Hi ESR. I've played the first Unreal for a while. I've played UT and a bit of UT2K4. I've also played a bit of Quake 3. I'm looking for Cherry MX switches that go well with these sorts of games; Unreal series in particular.

I've looked on Hard Forums, the Cherry MX wiki thing, some other sites, and even ESR, but I want to ask a specific question about red and black switches. Looking for a keyboard that will let me double-tap keys to do the Unreal-style dodge as well as dodging around in Quake games. I've heard that blacks bounce up faster after you press them, but that they're pretty stiff. I've also heard that reds don't pop up quite as quickly, but that they're easier to press. As far as I know, blacks and reds are almost the same (both linear/non-tactile) but differ in their resistance. Is there anything else I should know about their differences?

I'm looking for a switch that will let me double-tap comfortably, as well as be generally "good" for Unreal and Quake and games like them (and of course be decently comfortable to type) . I currently own a Logitech Illuminated keyboard and, while it's fun to type on sometimes, it is certainly not optimized for gaming. I find it pretty easy to hit the keys on my current keyboard. How do reds and blacks compare to my current keyboard choice?

I don't expect people to predict what my preferences will be; instead I hope that you all will be able to offer info about reds and blacks that may help me in my decision. Thank you.