been trying to play lately, unfortunately this is my situation.

as you can see, the only playable locations are chi, toronto, and IN.

No one plays on Toronto or IN actively, especially IN.
NYC got taken down.
TX and VA are active, but I can't play on either.

that leaves me with one playable QL server.

if the routing was NORMAL, I could be playing on these servers. I ping 55 to TX and 35 to NYC in other games, but when NYC was up I was 80, and im 100 to TX.

VA is such an awkward location too, I tried to compare my ping with other games, but not a lot of servers for other games are in VA. The few I did try my pings were the same as QL.

sometimes I suck it up and play but it's a lot less fun when you average 85 ping.

I complained about this two years ago, but the issue seemed to be with a Tier 1 network, so unless ID changed their QL game server hosts to another provider that didn't use the same back-end, my issue would always exist. it just sucks that two years later, it's the same shitty situation.