Is officially out!

At the moment there are 101 native linux games. All of them are 50%-80% off until 21 february.
The linux client doesn't work very cleanly but it does it's job.

Most of these games are indie titles but there are few big names like HL, Amnesia, CS, CS:S, Postal 2, TF2 and Serious Sam 3.

Too bad there are no quakes . Not that anyone needs original clients anyway but it would be nice to have them amongst linux games.
Unfortunately there aren't any Loki ports as well.

I don't play SP games very often nowadays but after going through the list briefly I bought:
World of Goo - played the demo few years ago and I loved it
The Journey Down: Chapter One - I miss point & click
Superbrothers: Sword & Sorcery EP - looks cool
Total ~7 euro

I'll try them later and give a short review.

I'd really love to see it succeed. I feel that many ppl are held back from using GNU/Linux on desktop because there are not enough games. More users equal to more contributors, more and better software, better hardware support etc.

Few interesting links on linux gaming
Interview with Ryan "Icculus" Gordon on Linux gaming.
Blizzard plans to release Linux game in 2013
Richard Stallman on non-free DRM games

What do you think? Do you play quake or other games on linux? Could you give us short reviews of linux games you bought on stream please?