So lately, lot of new prospects emerge on FACEIT Sunday cups streams, and I thought it would be interesting to see another instance of Rising Stars Challenge, but it's up to Memento_Mori and twister of course, and maybe donations to get some cash prize.

Anyway, imagine there was a Rising Stars 3 coming. Who would you invite?

Here are my eight nominees (revised after comments):

Italy rzd - 1959 Elo
United Kingdom Zoot - 1924 Elo
Russia brodyaga - 1912 Elo
Norway zeun_ - 1875 Elo
Sweden Slafz - 1839 Elo
Turkey Arronax - 1751 Elo
United Kingdom dopey69 - 1746 Elo
Ukraine ua_bpatela - 1716 Elo

Also considered: Finland rmplr (slightly lower elo), Hungary kHRIS (no duels in 50 days), Italy H41 (not sure if he's good enough yet or has enough determination to get better at duel)

Players with higher elo: Belarus Madball, Poland cOOw, Belarus slimk, France Sev3n, Russia 060718, Ukraine Xron

Other mentions in comments: Denmark sothis, Denmark Niyala, United Kingdom AllNamesGone, Austria T1E, Germany ffx, Slovenia CAREEM, Germany Frannatic, Russia fearzzz, Russia Latrommi

Those who haven't seen the cups (I advise watching the vods!) or forgot the previous invites, here they are: