Welcome to the first, of a seven round robin event! These events will take place approximately twice a month over the next eleven weeks (taking in account for National Holidays and the Superbowl). Every week we will host a single map round robin event. You will play every player that has signed up for the event on the chosen map for that week. Participant cap each week will be 16, once the cap is reached, additional participants will be added to a wait list. Players will receive points for participating, and winning. At the end of these Round Robin Events we will take the top ten players with the highest points and host a ten player best of three event, the finals will be a best of five! The maps for the finals will be the ones from the Round Robin events, there will be no surprise maps added to this event. The Grand Finals have not been scheduled yet in order to confirm that all ten points finalist will be able to attend.

Stream: Canada Targetquake_tv
Event Info: Sign-up, Vod's, Demo's
Links: qlcz Targetquake Productions, mIRC #Targetquake, twitter.com @Targetquake, Facebook @Targetquake