So I came across this argument that seem very strange to me. This from a guy whose opinions in pretty much any deep political, philosophiocal etc issue i agree with. He tells me it's harder to reach top tier play in e.g. Starcraft or QL than in LoL. This may very well be true since those games have long hardcore gaming tradition nad LoL is in essence a modern form of monopoly (slight exaggeration but you get my point I hope). But his argument is this: LoL has the lowest skill cap?

Sure, if he meant it's the easiest game to learn, that is very understandable. But what I hear when he explains this very weird two word cluster (skill cap) it's basically saying "the skill cap is higher in SC because the best players have higher skill. It blew my mind that the only "evidence" for this is general opinion (that I don't even think exists).

So what is he trying to say? Is he completely dilluted on this matter? Isn't it generally true that the games with the largest player base and the biggest tourney generate the stiffest competition? Not always but as a rule of thumb, especially when a game is so massive. Help me understand this.

fuck you everybody good night!