As Faceit is about to change the mappool, we thought it's time to improve Sinister. Here are some screenshots of the major changes:

All people that had a run around on it, (Netherlands baksteen, United Kingdom zoot, Germany twister, Finland maza, Sweden slafz) thought it's a huge improvement, overall better mapflow and improved out of control play.
The controversial 1 minute RG respawn still exists, but should work perfectly now with these changes.

Thanks for the input and suggestions from these players (especially baksteen with the second RL) and the whole community. And special thanks to everyone involved in the Targetquake cup which showed the weak areas of the map.
Last but not least thanks to United Kingdom akm for all the mapping. (Glad he doesn't live near, else he might have knocked on my door with a chainsaw in his hands! ;D)

Give it a go guys and no whine before you played it at least a few times :]