Not to keen on any of them, to be honest they all look disastrous. Some reviewers also complained about 4000 DPI not being enough.
It's a cringe fest really, I don't know where this is leading us but it's obvious that we won't see a successor to allmighty MS mice for some time.
Looks like gimmicks and shitty design is what people really want now. I wonder how bst's mouse will cope with this modern designs.

Mad Catz
R.A.T.M GameSmart Mouse
Mad Catz takes on mobile gaming with new Bluetooth 4.0 mice and gamepad

Genius Gila
Gila GX

Vengeance M95 and M65

IR sensors, Xbox-style buttons infiltrate Thermaltake mice

NAOS 8200

Leetgion (seriously what the shit?)
Leetgion El'Druin


[source: OCN]