Hi guys, just got myself a new Deathadder BE 2 days ago. The 2013 was out of stock unfortunately, but seeing how they're really similar I went for the BE just to get rid of the Xai and it's annoying acceleration. I used to have the original DA when it came out and the build quality felt really nice. The problem I have with this mouse is that the left click is stiffer and needs more force to click than the right click and when I'm wearing headphones I can't hear the clicks so it seems that they're from different mice lol (the right click is also really mushy, especially coming from Xai which had excellent feedback.)

The mouse is also scratching my mouse pad so I ordered quality teflon feet from ebay to put them on the original ones. Another thing is that the scroll wheel seems flimsy when I move it from left to right. Specifically when I move it left it hits the edge of the left mouse button, but when I move it right it just clicks and doesn't come near the right mouse button. This issue also appeared on my Xai but only after about two years of usage, now it makes a loud noise and skips when I try to scroll it. I'm thinking the same will happen to the DA soon so I'm not sure whether I should replace it right away or see if the left click loosens up and the scroll wheel lives long enough... I guess they just don't make them as they used to :/

On the bright side, the sensor is as perfect as always :)