The Rock SquaD (TRS) is starting its ownage in quake 4.

We challenge all clans for Team Death Match league in q4 version 1.4.2 125fps.

We will play 2x2 / 3x3 / 4x4.

Our main ranks are :

1. GOD OF WAR SANCHEZ / Don Pachi, superhuman being with demonic abilities and 90% shaft.
2. Shadowmaster155 top pro q4, genious.
3. Stickan - 2000 elo in qlive, top player.
4. Nite in Action, excellent player with 14 years gamin experience.
5. Dobo Diabz, Well known daddy with 10 years of gaming experience.

You can sign up in this thread.

General Maplist

[TMP] Sandstorm
[TMP] Fragging yard
[TMP] Over The Edge

There probably will be stream with commentary setted up for official matches.

TDM tourney is coming soon with 100 euro prize fund.