Nexuiz 2012

Not very spectacular and nowhere close to quake in terms of gameplay, movement and tactics, far from perfection but it deserves a bit of attention if you want to play a fast shooter that is using cryengine 3 and you like to have quick access to modifications. Modified pretty easy running speed, damage done by weapons and messing around with other stuff. All cfgs and scripts are inside paks. Too few maps and don't have the editor, unfortunately.

Warlock Master of the Arcane

Nice Russian turned-based rpg- strategy .
You can choose there the size of the map and there are a lot of options available in the game regarding buildings and troops. Strategy wise, I could really see how dispersing my troops despite them being in high numbers affected my general offensive campaign, nice done there. A profesional review is saying that the matches go as long as it takes, till someone wins. I played a match that ended up just showing the final message announcing me that some wizard won the game, although I did not even had the opportunity to fight him.
Seems there are 4 factors that can decide a win:
-conquest the map
-cast Unity spell
-defeat an Avatar (spawned by a God in revenge for your -100 relation to him)
-Holy sites -build cities on more than 50% of all the holy sites
obs: you can deactivate the extra three in the beginning, if you have at least patch 1.2 installed


Quite ok quest having 2D graphics and stuff.
The moment you hack into someone's account by using the option to reset his password on the server and then accessing local database to open his already opened email was nice. Unlike most of the pseudo-hacking options you see these days in games, toying around some fashionable graphics and non-sense numbers.