I'm unleashing the truth about advanced courses lead by GOD OF WAR SANCHEZ.

First the prices.

1. Basics - 1500$
Pro level gaming. Basic training in memory, attention, reflexes, physical and mental abilities. Stress and Fear overcome. Destroying blocks in your subconscious.

2. Advanced Part one - 3000$
3. Advanced Part two - 4000$
Ways of overcoming human limits. Building aimbot. Human mind reading. Psychological methods.

4. Master level - 10000$
Simply put becoming supreme master. Make your subconscious play instead of you. Dao and energy control. Game while sleeping. Create server without use of computer. Play with closed eyes.

5. Demonic abilities - 55000$
God? Far stronger than God. How to use demonic powers to the fullest (dangerous). Demon and spirits summoning. Basics of demonology. Possesing and killing the individuals from any distance. Way to feed the demonical beings.

You may actually die here. so the 5th course needs previous 4 finished with success

For registering write application on sanchezq4@gmail.com.