DreamHack is drawing closer and closer. We currently have 12 spots left for the tournament and we're going to release 4 players today, 4 more on Sunday and finally the last 4 players on the next Wednesday . As the sign ups closes on Sunday we will be able to contact everyone who's invited and let them know so they have time to plan their trips. We will follow the schedule I posted above, so we won't officially announce them all at once.

The 4 players invited to the Kingston Quake Live Summer Championship this week are: Belarus Cypher, Canada Oaki, Spain Sl1p and Lithuania fire_bot.

As previously said, next 4 players will be released on Sunday. The sign ups also close on Sunday the 20th of May so if you want to participate in the Kingston Quake Live Summer Championship, don't hesitate to sign up now! Questions? Send a mail to Esport@dreamhack.se

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